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Welcome to the Official site for the work of Christopher Hudgens.

Christopher is a artist, designer, photographer, writter,  not to mention business & technology proponent in the Contemporary Art world; currently based in Chicago, IL.

He has worked to help bring about the Midwest’s top Art site & audio podcast “Bad at Sports”  since 2005 winning multiple awards and reviews for both content & design.

He has also helped produce the Bridge Art Fair from Berlin, London, NYC, Miami Beach, Basel & back. Bridge was a Contemporary Fine Art fair that focused on showcasing emerging and early career galleries or artists to the greater worldwide art establishment.

Christopher continues to look for ways to help others work towards solidifying the Contemporary art world infrastructure. Trying to create lasting institutions that grow the audience for Contemporary Art, revenue for individual artists & groups and raise visibility of the great work that is being done from the Cul-de-sac of discussion/awareness it has driven into over the last few years.

“Art talks to everyone or it doesn’t talk at all.”