Turkey Tetrazzini

12oz Rotini Noodles 1 tbsp of freshly dried Herb de Provance 1 tbsp of freshly dried Italian Seasoning .5 tbsp of freshly dried Savory 1 tbsp of freshly dried 2 cups of cooked turkey chopped into small chuncks 4oz can of sliced mushrooms 2.25oz can of sliced olives 2...

Banana Flan

Add rich flavor to any meal or party with a quick, delicious and easy banana flan that is sure to impress.

Jack White Rider Guacamole

Jack White of the White Stripes reportedly had a contract rider that required fresh guacamole at all of his shows and it included a recipie if the venue had no idea how to make guac.

Fresh Lady Fingers

Why endlessly hunt for stale ladyfingers at the grocery store or bakery when you can have homemade fresh ones in a mater of minutes. These go great with Tiramisu and help perfect it. 4 large eggs seperated into yolks (only keep 3 yolks) and all 4 of the whites, wait...