Banana Pudding Brownies

Delicious and more mobile form of the ever perfect banana pudding.

Peach Tree Strong Tea

In the spirit of the Long Island Ice Tea the Peach Tee Strong Tea is a woody, sweet and rich southern take on the idea. As with most drinks of this nature everything is 1oz but in this case it is shaken over ice and poured into a blue mason jar and enjoyed with a strong breeze of honeysuckle and warm sun if you can find some…

Teriyaki Broccoli & Mushrooms

Quick, low glycemic impact, easy to make and tastes rich and light. Teriyaki Broccoli & Mushrooms is a quick dinner favorite that does you a ton of good.

Tangerine Dream Cake

Sweet, bright, creamy and moist. The Tangerine Dream Cake is something that many people can not take just one slice of.

Wife Pasta

1 bag of macaroni pasta 1/4 cup fresh spinach 1/4 cup feta cheese (crumbled) 3 roasted red peppers 1/8 - 1/4  cup red...

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Pina Colada

Pina Colada

1 1/2 cup ice 1/2 cup diced pineapple, frozen 2 ounces pineapple juice 2 ounces Coco Lopez coconut cream 1 1/2 ounces...

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