Welcome to my depository of work, thoughts, interests and product which is becoming part of my alternate second memory storage.

I have spent my entire life creating and optimizing ideas, art, companies, economics, relationships and tried to do so in ways there were novel, trustworthy and fun with a pinch of punk. I have been working in art and business since just after Geocities but before Dolly the sheep was put in a tank by Hirst and certainly before Glassdog.com. If any of that makes sense, we could have a fun talk.

As for talking I helped to help bring about one of the nation’s top Art site & audio podcasts “Bad at Sports” since 2005 winning multiple awards and reviews for both content & design.

I also helped produce the Bridge Art Fair which exhibited everywhere from Berlin, London, NYC, Miami Beach, and almost Basel & back. Bridge was a Contemporary Fine Art fair that focused on showcasing emerging and early career galleries and their artists to the greater worldwide art establishment.

I have worked to build companies that were the largest solar installers in the Midwest, a health app that helped hundreds of thousands lose weight and get in shape for $10 a month. I have worked to build and redevelop thousands of acres of land into apartments, warehouses, offices, retail spaces and a power plant. I have helped expand the retail reach of every major movie studio and even not so major ones like Anchor Bay Entertainment. I have won awards and given awards. I have taught people in almost every venue and walk of life and spend my life learning everything I can much to the frustration of my wife all to prove it can be done and the experts are wrong.

I continue to look for ways to help others and work towards improving businesses or institutions that grow knowledge, awareness, teach skills or empower producers & consumers to do more, faster and with more clarity.

All that, make some money and have a bit of fun along the way. Hope you enjoy.

Sector Experience

International Fine Art
Commerical Development
AI Technology
Nutrition & Health
Consumer Packaged Goods
Web Services
Multifamily Housing
Documentary Filmmaking


Masters in Business Arts Certificate
Quantic School of Business

Bachelor of Fine Arts
Southern Illinois University


  • Project Optimization
  • Startup Culture
  • Digital Advertising (PPC, PPA, PPV, Lookalike)
  • Media Buying Print,
  • Social, Brand, Event & Direct Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Statistical & Pro Forma Analysis
  • Data Analysis & Manipulation
  • Negotiation
  • Microsoft Office Suit
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Graphic Design(Raster, Vector, Studio)
  • Web, CSS,CMS & CRM Dev
  • Web & Mobile Analytics
  • iOS App Event Design
  • Microsoft 365 Admin
  • IP Phone Systems
  • E-Commerce
  • Podcasting
  • Digital Printing, Photography & Digital Cinematography
  • Book Design & Printing
  • Intraday Equity Trading $1M+ Yearly


(Selection of Awards & Achivements)

Top 2nd-4th in St. Louis DMA for 2016-2023
St. Louis Business Journal

Top 10th-20th Developer in the Midwest
Midwest REnews

Awarded best website award for 2008
Chicago Magazine

Named one of the year’s best productions
Time Out Chicago, 2008

Named top 5 podcasts for 2014
Planet Money, NPR

Named best value for 2014
St. Louis Small Business Monthly

“The liveliest work on view, however, is in apexart’s window, where a monitor shows animated credits listing Bad at Sports’s contributors. Created by B@S member Christopher Hudgens in the style of designer and filmmaker Saul Bass, well known for his masterful film titles, the retro graphics, limited animation and jazz soundtrack mesh seamlessly, while managing to get in a dig at Flood for good measure.” 4/23/10

Professional Experience


Vice President of Marketing & Technology


2019 – CURRENT Saint Louis, MO

Worked with CEO to research, develop, manufacture, ship & market a next gen iminosugar that limits postprandial blood glucose spikes by 40% on average clinically tested.

  • Developed the brand and product from the earliest research stages to a finished bottle sold online in multiple channels including our own site, Walmart, Amazon & more
  • Solved & delt with countless problems prior to the first sale that would have ended the project at multiple stages, continuing on to sell thru all inventory
  • Oversaw the research and testing team that verified the R&D and final products while creating data and best practices for consumer consumption.
  • Created an advertising strategy to scale up sales with maximum speed and minimum capital risk. Taking the product to first place (based on Amazon tracking) in the market and outliving competitors in the 1-DNJ space.

Director of Marketing & Technology


2010 – CURRENT Saint Louis, MO

TriStar® is the leading private Intellectual Property, Energy Development, Capital Investment, Online Services & Commercial Real Estate Development Firm in the Midwest.

In my role I created and executed all marketing campaigns, analytics, presentations (print, web, display, branding, event, email & government) for over 100 companies that make up Tristar, oversaw the maintenance and roll-out of all technology initiatives and investments (for the company and all partners) not limited to corporate servers, CRM systems, email servers, phone systems, corporate cells, user terminals, postage contracts, printers, wireless internet, security & risk management & more.

I created and edited all website programming, graphics, video, & printed material in-house with low cost, last minute, changes & turnaround. Helped advise or personally execute excel data analysis and executive summaries as well as part of the team that oversaw office operations for over 10 years helping to bring Tristar to be the 2nd largest individual commercial developer every year since 2016.

Line Producer

Catnip Productions

2022 – CURRENT Saint Louis, MO

Worked directly with the Executive Producer to research, develop, create, & sell a documentary on AI and its effect on creativity and life.

Vice President of Marketing

Olumia Life®

2013 – 2018
Los Angeles, CA

The Olumia Life® app was a mobile health solution created by physicians that made living healthy easier. By integrating the experience and expertise of our physicians, data engineers and behavioral scientists, we’ve created a customized comprehensive, easy-to-follow digital trainer that provides healthy, in-the-moment guidance that adapts to your behavior. “

  • Worked to develop the program and app from the very initial discussions all the way through to #1 app rankings, the 250,000th paid user and app end of life.
  • Succeeded with the limitation of a marketing budget that required all costs to be covered by the net revenue for the last 30 days on a rolling basis.
  • Grew the app to become the #1 health app in 1 country, the top 5 in 16 countries, the top 10 in 23 countries and the top 100 in 84 countries, all the while scaling it to the 32nd+ ranked paid health app in the United States.

Director of Marketing & Technology

Microgrid Solar®

2011 – 2014
Saint Louis, MO

Developed and built the leading commercial & residential PV solar power installer in the St. Louis Metro Area. With a majority install of residential homes in the area as well as business clients ranging from: St. Louis Cardinals, Anheuser-Busch, St. Louis Rams, US Bank, MasterCard International, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Express Scripts, US Army Corps of Engineers, St. Louis Science Center, Washington University to many smaller businesses. Sold the company in 2014.

  • Helped create the Residential Division from scratch generating leads, customer and sales from nothing to over $1 million a month.
  • Created, designed and promoted various marketing channels from PPC, Web, PR, Event & more.


Operations Manager

Bad at Sports

2005 – 2016
Chicago, IL

Worked with co-creators Holland & MacKenzie to create an online presence and help develop the 60 min audio program with the goal of expanding the audience base, value and overall appeal with the end goal of building ad revenue to support further growth plans. Producing more than 1000 hours of interviews and content over 17+ years, the last few as an Emeritus advisor.

  • Took the program from a 500 unique audience based only in Chicago to a 75,000+ unique monthly audience (100,000+ pageview) with name recognition in the Contemporary Art world and the major markets of NYC, Chicago, San Francisco & London on a zero budget.
  • Won awards for site design from Chicago Magazine, Chicago Reader, Time Out & others and was named Podcast of the year 2008 by Chicago Magazine


Director of Marketing

The Alinea®

2015 – 2017
Town & Country, MO

St. Louis County’s designer luxury one, two & three-bedroom apartment community that sits in the heart of everything you love and is expertly balanced for work and life.

  • Personally designed and implemented all aspects of the community from logo, website, photography, online advertising, print materials.
  • Helped drive the lease-up speed and profitability and avoid costly mistakes with partners.


Director of Marketing & Technology

SunUp Solar®

2014 – 2015
Hawthorne, NY

Took the Microgrid Solar business model to the Hawthorne, NY market with the goal of expanding the market for fast, high quality, low cost, bespoke residential solar design & installation.


Director of Marketing & Technology

HomeTax Alert®

2014 – 2015
Hawthorne, NY

Home Tax Alert utilized a revolutionary, patent-pending software system to quantify, document & assist homeowners in determining at no cost whether their homes have been over-assessed, leading to excessive property taxes. We marketed the program nationwide at propties that we had already predetermined were over-assessed. hometaxalert.com


Director  of Business Operation

Bridge Art Fair

2007 – 2009

• Designed and oversaw company data management systems, client relations systems, accounts payable & receivable practices, Sales team operations, IT network operations & overall departmental inter-relations.
• Increased client retention while decreasing receivables turnaround from 90 to 30 days.
• Helped to bring the Non Profit group into line with its tax and legal responsibilities with the goal eliminating all acquired debt.
• Expanded the services offered internally that were high profit and cut operating costs onsite in many areas by 50%. For example built a WiFi grid system that could cover over 32,000 sqft for 100+ high activity users for 1/10th the cost of an outside contractor.
• Worked onsite with clients, subcontractors & location management/government officials to ensure quality execution of shows from London, England – Miami, FL – New York City, NY, Berlin, Germany & Basel, Switzerland.


Program Manager

PIA Marketing®/SPAR Group®

1995 – 2007

Auburn Hills, MI

National Program Coordinator In-Store Events

• Work with the In-Store Division General Manager & Field Vice Presidents to plan the growth, direction and role of the Field on a national level for all in-store merchandising & marketing projects. Focusing largely on the logistics of resources, independent contractors, third party sub-contractors, national package delivery or shipments and not least of which client executives & their retail locations.

• Managed the weekly schedules of over 100 contractors & employees nationwide and ensured that all recorded data was up to date and accurate.

• Oversaw the client services emergency call center and dealt with nationwide emergencies seven days a week in real time to ensure timely completion of all contracted work.

• Managed the recruitment and screening of independent contractor candidates, oversaw the hiring practices of potential candidates & coordinated schedules of candidates. Also maintain a database of all relevant information to field activities.

• Reviewed, edited and signed off on all materials that entered into the field. Personally developed training manuals for event specialists. Organized and successfully conducted initial market trainings across the nation and served the role as IT liaison between the field and the corporate IT department.

• Tracked and followed up on program execution, analyzed execution reporting data, performed audit calls to retail locations & provided weekly executive summaries to the Division GM & Field Vice Presidents..

• Clients included HP, Symantec, Samsung, P&G, 3M, The Clorox Company, and Phillips among others.

Saint Louis, MO & Chicago, IL Originally PIA Marketing

District Project Manager (2003-2006)

• Onsite client representation and retail negotiation. Layout design and implementation of entire product lines including test items for various clients. The conducting of audits, studies and data collection of products, employees, retail locations & other corporations then presenting that information both verbal, written & in Presentation format. All work was in a Tri-State area [IL, IN, MO] with focus daily on the Downtown Chicago area & downtown St. Louis area..

• Responsible for the organization of the office network, database and coordination of maps to over 150 different retail environments called upon in the area each month. Also the initial training of new employees

• Organized regional corporate wide resets, installations & closures for companies such as National Foods, Schnucks, Dierbergs, Kroger, Cost-Co, Wal-Mart/Sams Club, Safeway Inc., Albertsons Inc., Walgreens, Meijer, K-Mart, Target, Home Depot & Circuit City.

• Successfully represented and was continually requested for various contracts by companies such as Floorgrahics Inc, Hormel, Ralston Purina, Warner Brothers, Universal, SC Johnson Wax, Kraft Foods, Buena Vista HE, Coca-Cola, Eastman Kodak, Heineken, Reckitt Benckiser, Gillette, Johnson & Johnson, GE.

• Predicted possible issues, troubleshot onsite and monitored the field work of others while planning same day responses in the field to ensure that contracts were accurate and ontime. Most contract windows involved day & night, weekday & weekend solutions in less than 48 hours.

Chicago, IL

District Marketing Representative (1995-2003)

• Assisted in the design, planning and implementation of all new corporate projects in the Chicago Regional area from the beginning of talks to the successful completion of in field tests and implementations.

• Was part of the team that designed & refined internal documents for national projects and the initial greeting of the client Corporate Executives and Spar Executives to the Chicagoland Test area.

• Built successful project teams from scratch in 5 different states. Organized, trained, educated and briefed them in a short turnaround and always within budget. Most times for multiple contracts at a time.

• Reported to the District Manager & Regional Vice President as the Field Project Manager during the successful pursuit of the Home Depot & Staples In-Store Marketing Projects.