Welcome to my depository of work, thoughts, interests and product which is becoming part of my alternate second memory storage.

I have spent my entire life creating and optimizing ideas, art, companies, economics, relationships and tried to do so in ways there were novel, trustworthy and fun with a pinch of punk. I have been working in art and business since just after Geocities but before Dolly the sheep was put in a tank by Hirst and certainly before Glassdog.com. If any of that makes sense we could have a fun talk.

As for talking I helped to help bring about one of the Nations top Art site & audio podcasts “Bad at Sports” ¬†since 2005 winning multiple awards and reviews for both content & design.

I also helped produce the Bridge Art Fair which exhibited everywhere from Berlin, London, NYC, Miami Beach, and almost Basel & back. Bridge was a Contemporary Fine Art fair that focused on showcasing emerging and early career galleries and their artists to the greater worldwide art establishment.

I have worked to build companies that were the largest solar installers in the Midwest, a health app that helped hundreds of thousands lose weight and get in shape for $10 a month. I have worked to build and redevelop thousands of acres of land into apartments, warehouses, offices, retail spaces and a power plant. I have helped expand the retail reach of every major movie studio and even not so major ones like Anchor Bay Entertainment. I have won awards and given awards. I have taught people in almost every venue and walk of life and spend my life learning everything I can much to the frustration of my wife all to prove it can be done and the experts are wrong.

I continue to look for ways to help others and work towards improving businesses or institutions that grow knowledge, awareness, teach skills or empower producers & consumers to do more, faster and with more clarity.

All that, make some money and have a bit of fun along the way. Hope you enjoy.