the series 2003-2004


The fire flower of life

After years of looking at the work of others, and creating work myself that was drenched in criticism, dismay and pessimism I wanted to create a series that celebrated life, energy, elements in life I love and common elements of love and life others could connect with.

After weeks of designs and thoughts the themes of fragility, transitoriness and momentary sparks of energy gave way the the common thread of fireworks.

Burts of life that push back the darkness and inspire us to reach farther, fight harder, love deeper, hope longer. The series was almost called Hanabi after the japanese word for fireworks but in the desire to keep it aproachable the concept of the fire flower (what hanabi literally translates as) was embraced and included with the design.

Mixing in painting and markmaking styles I admired combined with the art of film title sequences (Robert Brownjohn, Maurice Binder, Kyle Cooper) I locked on a visual conceit.

Guy Fawkes

Dahlia Shell

Siatene Shell

Set Piece

Greek Fire