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Stories Retold Take on New Scale

The Artworld is a galaxy of stars where truth is large, beautiful and paper thin. I wanted a work that celebrated that but acknowledged how in that scale we can lose the truth.

Revisionist History

I wanted to make a work that spoke about how much we have redacted history, desire to continue changing it and fear telling truths to the point of absurdity. A reality never more timely than in the 2010’s when the concept of fiduciary became laughable and lies became boldface and without shame. Its always been there though, there is nothing new just a slide of the pendulum from one extreme to the next with only a moment of respite.

Artwork Insights

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Each piece of art displayed on Hudgens.us carries a unique story and emotion, captured and conveyed through the meticulous craftsmanship of Christopher Hudgens. As you navigate through the gallery, the descriptions here provide deeper insights into the inspiration, techniques, and narratives that breathe life into these visual expressions.

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