Hudgensfest 2010

Hudgensfest 2010 was a consecutive three day performance piece for my brother to give him a dramatic and almost surreal break from the stress, chaos & drama the economy and his current industrial job had created.

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The Musical Lineup

The Like

One of the last shows of the L.A. alternative rock band The Like broke up

Gold Motel

Singer Greta Morgan’s newly created band after The Hush Sound back in her hometown of Chicago

The Stars

Hit making Canadian indie pop band Stars shook the rafters

The Static Jacks & More

The indie rock bank The Static Jacks along with Mini Mansions, Dead Child Star & The Futureheads helped close out the fest

The project was born out of need

The project was born out of need

Hudgensfest-streetMy brother was at the end of his rope with his job, the hours were 24×7 on call, rain or snow outdoor electrical work that over the years had sapped him of the energy and joy I knew in him. He needed a laugh, he needed a break from the norm in a dramatic way.

After thinking about it and realizing there was three bands he enjoyed performing back to back to back in Chicago’s Lincon Hall I knew what I had to do. I had him take the time off (which was more drama then it ever should have been with any company) and I got tickets and planed other downtown Chicago activities. It didn’t stop there, I designed posters, radio adverts, vip tickets, a website and other ways to make it as big of an event as possible and promoted it utilizing low cost public & print advertising options as well as social media.

A Complete Success

The goal was to take my depressed, exhausted & bleak brother and remind him how exciting life can be if you embrace simple joys that a city can offer mixed with the fun surrealism of having a music festival created and promoted around you.

  • Health Increase 75% 75%
  • Outlook Increase 40% 40%
  • Laughter Increase 100% 100%

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