Texas State Tartan Vector

Taking the official tartan of all Texans and converting it into a high resolution vector design

I have always been a fan of the official tartan of Texas, I always felt it was well designed and really elegant in its color choices up there with the Burberry check design & Hook & Albert Alton Brown Collection Salmon Hunter plaid design.

The Texas Bluebonnet tartan was created in  1989 by June MacRoberts, under guidance from the Scottish Tartan Society Museum and does a really good job of capturing the bright airy slightly acidic qualities of a Texas Bluebonnet. The strokes of yellow that almost by contrast come off Canary Yellow on a field of softened Maya Blue evoke the flower well if you grew up with it.

Wanting to get some decent quality scarves or bowties or really just any kind of printing of the tartan is not as easy as you would think and there are many variations in the marketplace of the tartan which is sad. So I figured I would work up a vector version of the tartan merging the best examples I could find across the web.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.