Memento Mori – Asheville Mansion

Memento Mori (Remember that you will also die) is a photo series created in 2021 while in an unnamed Asheville, North Carolina mansion estate. A mix of immortal but dead stone and gold contrasted with fleeting but beautiful grounds of flowers, plants and the mist of smoky mountains.

The Development Series

The request was to make a Monument work and a tryptic that showcased the work we have done and ideas about development in the St. Louis metro area that was more art than advertising and would inspire the mind.

Life Album: Globe ’22 “Death of the Order”

The music the end of the order, the start of demographic decline, the split of a global economy, the spark of old wars made anew, famine, collapse, and a new tomorrow shining through the darkest clouds with the coming of the sun.

Alinea Luxury Apartments

Alinea a roughly $60m luxury designed apartment community I helped to develop and design.

Life Album: United States ’20 “Back to Baseline”

The music of a worldwide pandemic heard through the sounds of the United States. Music of abject fear, political chaos, empty separation and hope.