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Life Album: United States '19 "Back to Baseline"

Ever since 1989 the post Bretton Woods global order was living on borrowed time which began moving pieces /trade agreements around in the 2010’s and collapsed finally in the wake of the Covid epidemic. The pressure of economic, demographic, debt, and security changes forced every nation to finally reconsider the relationships that had floated stagnant since the 90’s and had abruptly changed in 2022. A new world order was in the wings but first an old one had to give way and die. Would it be better or worse only time would tell. Who would have the power to decide the rules and in the mean time how much chaos and famine would have to ensue. This album was created in 2021 in advance of expectations after Covid sped up the process and timeline expected. Not every stage of life is growth, not every Act is fun; but all lead to tomorrow, sadly only for some and not all.

The times will be slow but fast forwarded with breaking news; feast near to famine with no overlap. The sounds are explosions and silence, the mood will be growing dread and denial, temperatures will increase, floods will be common, prices will spike, supply and demand will collapse as neighbors settle long standing disagrements with war. Out of which the desolation with bring the sun cutting through the clouds with a new day.

Life Album

Earth ’22

Death of the Order


  1. Klergy “And so It begins”
  2. B.O.B “Missing”
  3. Klergy “World on Fire”
  4. Fort Nowhere “The Time They Are A-Changin'”
  5. Madame Mayhem “Livin’ on the Edge”
  6. Fort Nowhere “Bittersweet Symphony”
  7. Grandson “War”
  8. Lorde “Everybody Wants to Rule The World”
  9. Klergy & Valerie Broussard “The Beginning of the End”
  10. Sam Tinnesz “Play with Fire”
  11. Klergy “The End”
  12. Julia Michaels “If The World Was Ending”
  13. Missio “Kamikazee”
  14. Sarah Cothran “As The World Caves In”
  15. Moddi “A Matter of Habit”
  16. Sam Tinnesz “Dead Man Walking”
  17. Klergy “No Rest for the Wicked”
  18. Sam Tinnesz & Built By Titan “Run with the Giants”
  19. Sam Tinnesz “Fight On”
  20. Klergy “Endgame”
  21. Moby “Study War”
  22. Prince “Let’s Go Crazy”

The Life Album series was taken from a talk director Cameron Crowe had where he talked about his practice of collecting mixtapes from every year indexing songs that may have not been huge hits but had resonance for him personally or emotionally.  I took that as a springboard and created albums based on the mood and times I lived in different cities.

Life Album: United States '19 "Back to Baseline"