With the perfect alignment of solar technology, tax incentives, and retail pricing on solar sold to the grid Microgrid was created to help homeowners maximize the value and power of the sunlight on their roofs. A project that was a massive success growing to be the largest residential solar installer in the St. Louis DMA and arguably farther. Residential was started from nothing and grew to #1 in months.

-Customer Garage Install

-Busch Stadium Commercial Install
-Customer Pool Side Array

-Back Porch Cover Array

-Customer Maximized Install

-Customer Ideal Install

-Solar Express at the Fox Theater


One of the key marketing pieces for the Microgrid project was the “Solar Express”; a van converted and decorated into a rolling solar power generating and storage vehicle back in 2012.

The Solar Express was a hit with clients, events, city leaders and more helping to get the word out in the early days that solar was viable and availiable to everyone long before electric cars and utilities got in the game fully.


-Solar Express at Science Center

-Solar Express at Art Hill

-Solar Express in Lafayette Square


Events were also a marketing channel that was quite useful to connect, learn from the public and get the word out. The impact we generated on site for very little money stood out dramatically. The events were long and had wide swings of quality but were of great value and for a photographer a fun venue to try to capture moments and moods.


-Solar U teaching at the St. Louis Cardinals Champions Club

-Reaching out to people at a local festival
-Microgrid glowing at the Balloon Race Glow Night