Respass Tiramisu

There has never been a more delicious fluffy rich coffee liqueur dessert than the Respass Tiramisu named after the reclusive art world muse. Made with homemade lady fingers this is a treat that never lets you down and is always impressive.

Life Album: United States ’20 “Back to Baseline”

The music of a worldwide pandemic heard through the sounds of the United States. Music of abject fear, political chaos, empty separation and hope.

Life Album: Chicago “Unrequited Love Can Be So Cold”

The music that filled the cold summers and colder winters of Chicago in 2008

Pura Vida – Costa Rica Book

Costa Rica is an amazing place with multiple ecosystems within miles apart of each other and sometimes within view. I had a blast making a book about it and want to share it with you.

Sláinte & Cheers Book

Photos from Dublin & London and the Book Sláinte & Cheers by Hudgens. Documenting everything from Game of Thrones locations to Whiskey Distillers & More.